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Bishop Carroll T. Richie, Sr.
Founder / CEO

Greeting and Salutations...
Welcome to Fresh Oil, Fresh Oil is composted of 3 elements. First there is Fresh Oil Photography, Fresh Oil Graphics, and Fresh Oil eMagazine. Together they make up our Fresh Oil Platform. 

I am a CHANGE MAKER notorious for flipping the script on traditional strategies and utilizing emerging technology for creative storytelling, event marketing , branding, and a bridge for the KINGDOM CONNECTIONS. Together let's bring innovation out-of-the-box thinking into the CHRISTIAN community a eMagazine worth of supporting KINGDOM REALITY.

In many ways, we must care for our lives as Christians the same as we care for our skin. The skin needs to be nourished, hydrated, and revitalized to reach its most enriching state. We cherish it using balms that protect and strengthen. From these anointed parallels, Fresh Oil Magazine was born. Created with the purpose of invigorating the Christian lifestyle, each page of this monthly publication serves a purpose like oil, to nourish and enrich all aspects of living a modern, impactful life for Christ.


So what makes Fresh Oil Magazine unique?  As Hampton Roads newest Christian magazine, Fresh Oil offers a dynamic opportunity for Pastors and Church leaders to connect with the most exclusive Christian consumers in the region. A powerful tool for building healthy churches and spreading meaningful gospels, Fresh Oil has earned its title as a resource to ministers guiding the followers of Christ. 


Fresh Oil Magazine readers will find engaging material that offers inspiration and insight into the many facets of pursuing the Kingdom. Additionally, subscribers will find exclusive feature articles, invitations to upcoming revivals and seminars, as well as Christian music, culture, and entertainment news, all dedicated to reaping the harvest God promised us all. Our impact grows as we extend our reach, a success the world witnessed with the 2016 launch of our globally available Fresh Oil eMagazine.

Storytelling is my passion and I would love to help you tell your story.  
Though Photography, Graphics or Publication.

EST. 1905

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